All the midfiles in my list are compatible with with protocols

GM , GS , XG , GM2 PC card


I use this form:

Track 1:  usually buzuki  (first)

Track 2:  Bass

Track 3:  Guitar chords

Track 4:  Leading voice 

(the lyrics are in this track)

Track 5:  buzuki  (second)

Track 6:  second voice

Track:  Guitar rhythmic

Track 8:  Akordion or violin

Track 9:  Strings

Track 10:  Drums

Track 11:  piano

Track 12:  el. piano or guitar arpez

Track 13:  reverse cymbal

Track 14:  flute

Track 15...

Track 16...

The volume of all tracks is 100.

There are effects and pan pot individually for every track.

The midifiles have (gr) to the end of the file name mean that the lyrics

are with Greek characters, but the other (without gr) with latin characters.

Some synths and arrangers can not read Greek characters

so please don't load the midifiles with Greek characters  to them.

All the midifiles are in midi format 0.

For more please contact to:   



Ola ta midifiles ine simvata me ta protokola  GM , GS , XG , GM2 PC card ....


Sinithos hrisimopio tin parakato forma:

Track 1:  Buzuki (proti foni)

Track 2:  Basso

Track 3:  Kithara akorda

Track 4:  Proti foni tu tragudiu 

(edo ine ke ta logia gramena)

Track 5:  buzuki  (defteri foni)

Track 6:  defteri foni tu tragudiu

Track 7:  kithara rithmiki

Track 8:  akordeon i violi

Track 9:  Strings

Track 10:  Drums

Track 11:  piano

Track 12:  ilektriko piano i kithara arpez

Track 13:  reverse cymbal

Track 14:  flauto

Track 15...

Track 16...

I entasi ton track ine oles sto 100.

Iparhun efe ke pan pot horista gia kathe track.

Ta midifiles pu ehun to (gr) stin kataliksi onomasias tu arhiu,

simeni oti ta logia (lyrics) ine gramena me Elinikus hataktires

eno ta ala me latinikus.

Merika sinthesaizer ke armonia den mporun na diavasun tus Elinikus haraktires 

gia afto min ta fortonete se afta.

Ola ta midifiles ine sosmena se midi format 0.

Gia perisoteres plirofories parakalo epikinoniste sto: