Price for every one midi file from list 2.00 euro

Price for every one midi file ( medley) depending of how many songs are in it.


  For 3-5 midifiles just pay 2 euros for everyone midifile via Paypal

and write the titles of the midifiles you want,

then i send you the midifiles via email.

For more midifiles, please send  via email the list of the midifiles you want,

after you have payed via PayPal  i will send  the midifiles via email.


All the midi files on the lists are made like original songs, that is,

all the instruments (drums, bass, piano, guitar, etc.)
in separate tracks, they also have 1-2 tracks with the melody of the song.
The lyrics of Greek and Latin characters have been written.
They are compatible with  GENERAL MIDI 1 & 2, GS, XG and other protocols.

You can freely download some midi files to try them:

click  HERE.


If a midi file you are interested in is not ready on the lists,

you can order it:

click HERE.


For more info please write to: 




Timi gia kathe ena tragudi apo tin lista2.00 euro
Timi gia kathe ena pot puri  ine analogos posa komatia ehi to pot pouri.

(p.h. an ena pot puri  ehi 4 komatia kani 8 euro)


I diadikasia ine i eksis:

Gia liga komatia 3-5 kanete tin pliromi sto PayPal

ipologizontas 2 evro gia kathe aplo komati

ke grafete tus titlus sto plesio gia simiosis pu iparhi sto PayPal.

Katopin sas stelno ta komatia me email.

Gia perisotera komatia, mu stelnete mia lista me ta komatia pu thelete

ke sas stelno ta komatia me email, afu gini i pliromi.


Gia perisoteres plirofories    grapste  sto: